Powerful Community – Powerful State

Nowadays Decentralization Reform is considered to be one of the most debatable and effective reforms. The National Reform Council reports that now, after nine months, 78% of what was planned for the 2015 schedule has been completed.As at 9 months, 78% of pre-arranged issues is done from the schedule 2015, – reports the National Reform Council. Unfortunately, people do not feel the results. Generally, misunderstanding among Ukrainians is observed due to the course of this reform.

Head of the Kiev office of the International Solidarity Fund «SolidarityFundPL», Markijan Zhelyak, emphasized in an interview  to Hromadske.TV: “The reform is done only at that time, when people locally feel its results.” As expert stated, the National Reform Council’s indices have been formulating on the stages of preparation for the adoption of legislation, and does not include the practical implementation of laws in practice. For state development, powerful community is needed. Power (authority) should be based at the local level closer to the people. The essence of decentralization is to create a strong and powerful community with a guaranteed great budget. “Most of the taxes remains on the local level, and for this money local authorities, council and mayors provide services to their residents.”

Decentralization – is primarily an anti-corruption reform. “If there is a billion in Kiev and someone steals it, it shows that he has resources to negotiate with the police, courts and politicians. If this billion is divided into two thousand communities, and people look at the hands of their mayor and deputies, then it is much more difficult to steal.”

As a result, a wide dispersion of communities is observed in Ukraine. For instance, Poland has circa 2 500 communities, whereas in Ukraine there are 12 000. In the neighboring country the mayor appoints the headmaster of the school, and ministry determines only the standards of the education. Although the process of unification of the communities has started, it is slow and full of obstacles. This is because of lack of cohesion  of Ukrainian authorities, and the lack of a leader who could donate a political career for the sake of the state.

Changes must begin, first and foremost, with everyone. We must gain knowledge about democracy and self-government. And life serves here as the best master.

And finally, it is a piece of advice from expert how to make communities function effectively: “ Citizens should remember that the government has no money of its own. This is the money of citizens, which should be aimed at meeting the needs of the citizens. And only local authorities can cope with this task in the best way.”


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