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NGO «Forum of the Ukrainian journalists» in Volyn region.

Bank requisites: р/a 2600301474708 at the Volynian branch of the «Kredobank»,
LFD 325365,
code 36699092

Registration: Certificate of the state registration № 672 issued on October 4, 2009
by the main department of justice in Volyn region.

Mail address: 9, Lesya Ukrainka str., (second floor), Lutsk, Ukraine, 43016.

Е-mail address: forum.ukrainskih@mail.ru

Status: NGO.

Main directions of activity: to meet the needs and protect legal social, creative and spiritual interests, share the experience and grow professionally by conducting public activities aimed at organizing on volunteer basis journalists and citizens that work for mass-media means, educational institutions, or study.

Volodymyr Danyliuk. His work in the sphere of journalism he began as a trade union correspondent at the regional newspaper «Molody Leninets». Later he became a columnist, chief editor deputy at the regional newspapers «Moloda Volyn» and «Viche». At different times he performed the functions of the correspondent of the country newspaper «Kiev Vedomosti», «Komanda», magazine «Ukraine».

He is an Hohoured Journalist of Ukraine, member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and Society of Polish journalists.

He was rewarded with the 3d degree medal «Za zaslugy (For merits)», Charter of Honour of the Verhovna Rada (Parliament ) of Ukraine, Charter of Honour of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministries, Austrian medal «A Cross of Merits».

Since 2005 he has been a chief editor of the regional public political newspaper «Volynska Gazeta» He is a chairperson of the board of the NGO «Forum of the Ukrainian Journalists» in Volyn region.

In 2009-2014 a public association «Ukrainian journalists forum» held a lot of activities for the advanced training of Ukrainian journalists and students and for the study of foreign mass media work experience.

International conferences on the program «School of modern journalism» were carried out with the participation of journalists fromUkraine, Poland and Belarus. The probation of Ukrainian journalists was organized in Lublin province’s editorial offices of newspapers,TV and radio. Reference visits to Brest region (Republic of Belarus) were paid, and the journalists were given methodical assistance of work in market conditions. The international mini-football tournament among the teams of the journalists from Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania was put into practice. In 2014 in the partnership  with the Fund of German-Polish cooperation (SDBC) an international scientific-practical conference «New Media and civic engagement» was conducted. Young journalists training was provided in mass media of regional and national levels.

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