In honor of Borys Klimchuk

On April 1 the XVI International mini-football tournament among journalists was held in Lutsk. For the third year it has the status of “Borys Klimchuk’s Memory Cup “.

The competitions are held in honor of the long-time regional council deputy, the chairman of the executive authority of our region, the Head of the Regional State Administration and the Ambassador of Ukraine Borys Klimchuk, who was born on March 18, 1951 in the village  Voloshky, Kovel district and died of an incurable disease on September 2, 2014 in Berlin.

During his residence  in Volyn, Kyiv, Lithuania and Azerbaijan Borys Klimchuk had paid much attention to the development of international relations and facilitated contacts among journalists in all spheres. Therefore because of the initiative of Lithuanian colleagues the status of these traditional sports competitions was changed three years ago.

The honouring traditionally started in Volia-Liubytivska, Kovel district, where his father’s house is still situated. Borys Petrovych found his final rest and the village cemetery near the graves of his father – Petro Ivanovych – and his mother – Olha Arhypivna. The representatives from all teams of journalists – Volodymyr Danyliuk, Igor Leshchenko, Yurii Zubarev and Zhydrunas Damauskas – honored the memory of Borys Klimchuk and laid a wreath on behalf of all the participants and organizers of the competition.

The tournament has also started with the minute of silence in the hall of Lutsk Regional Youth Sports school. In this way the citizens of different countries paid respect to Borys Klimchuk and to thousands of soldiers, volunteers and civilians who were killed in the war in Donbas.

After the performance of the national anthems Lutsk Deputy Mayor Andrii Kytsia and the youngest daughter of Borys Klimchuk – Jana Lisitsyna (she visited the competition with her husband and two sons – David and Robert) addressed the audience with kind words.

The following guests were also present: Boris Klimchuk’s wife – Svitlana Oleksiivna, his eldest daughter Yulia Trots with her daughter  Yeva, the representatives of the international competitions organizing committee: Yurii Volynets — the Head of the  Department of Physical Culture and Sports at the town council, Volodymyr Novosad – the Head of the Volyn Regional Center of Physical Health “Sport for Everyone “, Volodymyr Danyliuk – the Head of the NGO “Forum of Ukrainian Journalists in Volyn Region”,  the secretary of the regional department of the National Union of Journalists in Ukraine, and Kostiantyn Lotsman – the director of TEC ” Information Service ” NSTU PJSC “Volyn Regional Directorate”.

In addition, the following establishments and a number of other institutions and organizations in our region provided assistance in organizing of international competitions:  Volyn Regional Council, PJSC “Lutsksantehmontazh # 536” charity foundation “Volyn-2014”, NGO “Volyn Progress,” Football Federation of Volyn Region,  FC “Volyn”, TM “Red Cranberry” and TM “Vsevolodivski Sausages”.

Since 2014 different teams have been the winners of “Borys Klimchuk’s Memory Cup “: at first – Volyn mass media team, last year – the team “Golf Stream ” from Minsk, Belorussia,  which was formed by Volodymyr Bohdanov. The tradition hasn’t been changed this time, as for the first time in the history of  international tournaments the Lithuanian team “Presas” (Vilnius), which was  led by Tautvidas  Vyantsyavichus, won the  first place playing not in the home country.

“Borys Klimchuk’s Memory Cup ” matches were opened by Borys Petrovych’s grandson – Robert, who was the first to hit the ball.

The results of the competitions are the following:

Mass media team (Lutsk) – “Presas” (Vilnius, Lithuania) – 2: 5, “Golf Stream” (Minsk, Belarussia) – “Volunteers”, Charity Foundation “Volyn-2014” (Lutsk) – 2: 1, “Presas “-” Golf Stream “- 3: 0, mass media team -” Golf Stream “- 0: 1,” Presas “- “Volunteers” – 0: 2, mass media team – “Volunteers.” 2: 1.

According to the sports results and tournament policy Lithuanians won the first place, Belarussian team won the second place – Lutsk mass media team was the third and the “Volunteers” were the fourth.

The “Volunteers” were the ones to gain a special prize from the regional department of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine for the will to victory.

The organizing committee also distinguished the best sportsmen of “Borys Klimchuk’s Memory Cup”: player – Yaroslav Kuharenko (“Volunteers”), goalkeeper – Yurii Zubariev (“Golf Stream”), scorer – Bagdonas Marius, back – Dmytro Prytuliyuk (mass media team).

The journalists took care of their colleague – Lutsk citizen Andrii Sokolovskyi, who was injured in an intense struggle and had to stop competing ahead of time.

The next competition of this level with the participation of Volyn journalists will be held this year in September in Lithuania, the next year – in Belarussia, and after this – again in Volyn.

Svitlana Koma.

Photos by Ustymchuk Roman and Yurii Fetysov.

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