Freedom to Sushchenko and Yücel! 

The NGO “Forum of Ukrainian Journalists” is deeply concerned about the unprecedented fact of the detention of Deniz Yücel , the journalist of German newspaper “Die Welt” in Turkey and asks the authorities and law enforcement agencies of this country to release him immediately. 

Unfortunately the attacks on freedom of speech have been taking place for a long time not only in Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries, but also in some countries that are current members of the European Union.
However, the behavior of the Turkish authorities, which under the guise of “fighting terrorism” takes actions to physically prevent citizens from performing their professional journalist duties, completely resembles the anti-democratic policies of the Kremlin. In Moscow, Ukrainian “Ukrinform” agency journalist Roman Sushchenko was arrested with similar accusations of “espionage “and” extremism “.

On the basis of the above stated, we inform the top leadership of Turkey and Russia, that the fight against the freedom of speech and criminal prosecution of journalists on falsified suspicions is inherent in totalitarian and anti-democratic regimes, which are doomed to failure by historical experience.

We demand Moscow and Ankara to immediately release the journalists Deniz Yücel and Roman Sushchenko, and European journalist community to consolidate in the struggle for defence of their professional and civic rights.
We also urge the Ukrainian authorities to investigate the murder of the Belarusian opposition journalist Pavlo Sheremet in Kyiv, on July 20, 2016 and to punish the organizers and executors of the crime, which is not investigated yet, the process of it being hidden from the public.

The Head of the NGO “Forum of Ukrainian Journalists”,

Volodymyr Danyliuk.

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