Made in Lutsk: 1430-2017

How is it possible to develop in Ukraine, where many people are rather willing to complain about their life and weep for their unlucky fate, the sphere, the prosperity of which is possible only in a successful and prosperous Europe?

Is it possible to laugh at the Ukrainian government?

Is there any chance to make fun of politicians?

Aren’t they afraid to appear on the stage telling the jokes in front of thousands of spectators?

And, after all, what is the secret of crazy popularity of satirical humoristic teams in Ukraine?

If we answer these questions, we will find out whether such a situation is possible or not, when the Ukrainian anecdotes, jokes and aphorisms are understood by the citizens of the European Union?

That is why a meeting with “Zamok Ljubarta” team from Lutsk took place. Its name, by the way, comes from the true history of Ljubart castle, which was built in 1430 by Vytautas the Great and is still located in the old part of Lutsk. In other words, antiquity and humor are united in its fundamental nature.

Beside the national comedy show “Liga Smihu”, Volyn team “Zamok Ljubarta” is now actively preparing to participate in another grand project called “Kraina U”. The main sponsors, who help them to do it, are the businessman Yurii Butovets and the construction company “Manevychirayahrobud”.

Taking an advantage of the small pause before the departure of “Zamok Ljubarta” team to Odessa, we talked to the leader of the project Nazar Pashchuk and his “brothers-comedians” Roman Kopytko and Volodymyr Tyshkun. Two more members of the team, Myhailo Denysov and Andrii Poznyakevych, remained “behind the scenes”, as they went somewhere…

The conversation was very interesting. The guys from “Zamok Ljubarta” told us what they would do in the army, how they would celebrate the cancellation of visa regime with the EU, and why they were not understood during a tour in the Russian city of Sochi …

Roman Ustymchuk


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