Remembrance of the death of 18 Ukrainian soldiers

The head of the non-profit organization “Forum of Ukrainian Journalists” and chief editor of the newspaper “Volynska Gazetta” Volodymyr Danyliuk has recently visited a zone of anti-terrorist operations in the East of Ukraine.

In Donbass he wrote several reports. In addition, together with the charity organization “Volyn 2014” he gave humanitarian aid to the local government – he gave media technology equipment at a cost of 50,000 UAH which is necessary for the development of Ukrainian media in Volonovakha township and neighboring territories. This was critical for the prevention of the information war against separatists. Volodymyr Danyliuk was also on the front line of the Ukrainian army. During his visit there was a memorial ceremony in remembrance of the death of 18 Ukrainian soldiers from 51 Volodymyr-Volynsky brigade who were the first to die during the attack of the separatists against the Ukrainian army on May 22, 2014.  There was also a football tournament in honor of the dead soldiers. The participants in the tournament were football players from Volyn region, locals, and a team of former players of the national football team of Ukraine with Anatoly Demyanenko – a holder of the UEFA League Cup 1986 – among them.

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