EU Ambassador Tombinski on the laws voted yesterday in Verkhovna Rada (17/02/2016)

I welcome the adoption in the first reading of the legislation on asset recovery and management office (4056) and on assets seizure and special confiscation (4054). Both laws are in line with the EU standards and I look forward to see these versions confirmed in the second reading.

The draft Law on Prosecution (4055) still contains too many discretional powers of the Prosecutor General to reject candidates for Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutor who are nominated by the independent selection commission. Further amendments should address this issue in order to ensure full independence of the Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutor.

The newly adopted Law on e-declarations (3755) is disappointing and not in line with anti-corruption commitments undertaken by the Ukrainian leadership. Immediate action should be undertaken in order to install an effective system of verification of assets declarations and to ensure that National Agency for Prevention of Corruption is able to fulfill its mission to prevent and to uncover corruption.


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