Launch of public broadcasting in Ukraine


Launch of public broadcasting in Ukraine: formation of the Supervisory Board and covering local elections in line with the standards of public broadcasting are high on agenda

15 September, an international conference “Launching of public broadcasting in Ukraine: Challenges and Next Steps” is held in Kyiv.

Ukraine is one of the last countries in Europe to launch public broadcasting, which is one of the most important obligations of Ukraine to the Council of Europe (CoE) and the European Union (EU), as it serves society, is funded by society, and is accountable to it.

Formation of the Supervisory Board of the National Public Television Company of Ukraine (NPBU) is one of the most important steps for setting up the public broadcasting. The Supervisory Board of the NSBU will supervise the operation of the broadcaster, take decisions on the scope of activities of the public broadcast, approve the Editorial Charter and elect the Board Members and Chairman of the Board of the broadcaster.

According to Ukrainian law, NPBU Supervisory Board includes two types  of members. The first type are the representatives of factions and groups of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. These members have been already appointed –  Svetlana Ostapa, Igor Hohych, Andriy Shevchenko, Taras Avrahov, Lavrentiy Malazoniya, Vitaly Portnikov, Sergiy Taran, Mykola Davydyuk. The rest of the members –  nine representatives of civil society will be selected from representatives in the fields of 1) education and science; 2) minority rights; 3) physical education and sport; 4) Journalism; 5) human rights; 6) protecting the interests of children and young people; 7) art; 8) local self-governance; 9) Protecting the rights of persons with disabilities. NGO conferences will be held between 12-30 October.

Based on international experience and the the CoE standards, the most important in the formation of the Supervisory Board is to ensure its independence from the government, local authorities and commercial influences.

Jan Tombinski, Ambassador, Head of EU Delegation to Ukraine, said: “Public broadcasting has a key role in educating citizens  to be informed voters. At this stage, implementation of the law and monitoring of implementation are crucial”.

Vladimir Ristovski, Ambassador, Head of the  Council of Europe Office in Ukraine said: «The key actors in the process should fully appreciate the responsibilities of the members of the Supervisory Board who carry out their mission in the interest of the public in general. It is necessary the members of the Supervisory Board to be elected in a transparent procedure and on the basis of broad and inclusive debate. Also, the Board should be composed of individuals whose competencies and professionalism are widely recognised by the society».

The main mission of public broadcaster – is to serve the public interest and not to a commercial result. We are now selecting the part of the Supervisory Board, which will provide real opportunities to the representatives of civil society to influence the program policy of the channel, the quality and variety of the programs. This  part of the supervisory board  will defend the independence of the public broadcaster from politicians and private capital”, – said Olga Herasymyuk, First Deputy Chairman of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio.

The conference is organized jointly by the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting, the National Television Company of Ukraine under support of the Joint EU and CoE  Programme “Strengthening the Information Society in Ukraine” and Deutsche Welle Akademy.

Bulletin EU Delegation to Ukraine.

Foto: Jan Tombinski, Ambassador, Head of EU Delegation to Ukraine.

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