Alina Pospischil, a Polish radio journalist

I work there as a journalist in the urban, regional radio station called Radio Freee. The topics I am mostly interested in are connected with art and culture, so most of the time during an ordinary day I spent watching exhibitions, participating in concerts and theatrical performances. I use the material which I record there to prepare two radio programs. Could you imagine to have more interesting and enjoyable work? That´s why I found myself very lucky.

In order to improve my journalistic competence I decided to take part in the training course “Team up!”. This is one of many this kind of projects I was participating in, but I find this one very special. Beside there is an amazing atmosphere, I really feel that my skills has been improved much.

I am spending every day with the good trainers who are very involved into teaching us as much as it´s possible. We don´t waste any time in here.

When I will go back to Poland, I will use the knowledge recieved in Munster. I highly recommend the young people to participate in European projects. They give an enormous chance to learn in an accelerated way. Not just in the meaning of gaing the knowledge but also expanding the horizons. This experience will be great not only because of the trainers but also because of the great people from different countries who you can meet.

Alina Pospischil

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