A Road to Excellence

People are not born journalists  
People become journalists
People work and create as journalists

Journalists go to Eternity but even from there their life candles serve as road signs for many new generations of mass-media professionals.

Understanding of the facts that modern journalism is constantly developing without making any stops, that in the course of evolutionary (and sometimes – revolutionary) changes it is necessary to care not only about the technical renovation of the offices of newspapers, journals, radio-, TV and Internet periodicals but about the extension of the professional level of their creative workers by enlarging their theoretical knowledge and, what is more important – by improving their practical skills, has encouraged to look for new forms and methods of work.

That’s why in 2009 the idea to create the NGO “Forum of the Ukrainian Journalists” in Volyn region – non-governmental and non-political structure that would occupy its own niche among other respectful journalistic organizations of our independent state such as the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and the Independent Media-Union came into being.  The main purpose was to help in finding mutual understanding and support not only for the journalists who work in different mass-media means in our region or Ukraine but for their foreign colleagues too. First of all, for the Belorussian and Polish journalists who work on the other side of our western and northern borders – in Liublin region in Poland and Brest region in Belarus.

It happened so that mass-media means in the neighboring regions of Ukraine, Belorussia and Poland function pretty closely geographically but rather similar social political realia still differ in every concrete case. They depend not only upon the peculiar features of a state-creating process but also on the worldview of the consumers of an information product – readers, viewers and listeners. It would be relevant here to mention a phrase expressed by Anatoly Moskalenko, a publicist, one of the founders of the Ukrainian journalism during the period of Independence, dean of the faculty of journalism of the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv State University:

“Journalism depends upon time… If there is no legal consciousness then it leads to the cynicism of freedom, to the gap between freedom and democracy… A corrupted style, precocious materials, conclusions that are not based on any deep sociological researchers. And as a result – information wars,  neglect of not only the moral laws but facts as well.”

That’s why mutual enrichment of positive experience and united efforts in searching the solutions to the common problems are one of the main tasks that have been realized within the frames of the program “A School of Modern Journalism” and which are implemented by the NGO “Forum of the Ukrainian Journalists” in Volyn region. Such activities were agreed with Volyn regional administration and were supported by the decisions of the session of Volyn regional council.

On April 19-21, 2012 р. during the first stage, a group of mass-media people from the region visited Liublin region of the Republic of Poland. The program of the trip included a visit to the main office of the newspaper “Liublin’s Courier”, internet-television, Liublin’s branches of the Polish radio and the Polish television. There were meetings with the administration of Liublin region and the city of Liublin. Members of the Ukrainian delegation also visited Khelm in Liublin region where they honoured the memory of the first President of Ukraine Mykhailo Hrushevsky at his birthplace and the Prime Minister of the Ukrainian People Republic – Pylyp Pylypchuk, burried on the Orthodox cemetery on the “Kholm Hill”. Wreaths and flowers were put on the graves of the soldiers of the Ukrainian Riot Army in Liublin, at the monument to the Ukrainians who died in the village of Sahryn, Grubeshiv district in the Liublin region in March, 1944. Memory of prisoners of the Nazi concentration camp “Majdanek” situated in the outskirts of Liublin was honoured too. At the end of the visit there was a meeting with the representatives of the Consulate General of Ukraine to Poland in Liublin, the head of which was Vladyslav Kanevsky.

On July 6, 2012, according to the outline of the second stage of the Program, a group of mass-media people of Volyn visited the city of Brest in Belorussia. The representatives of the mass-media had a meeting with the leaders of the ideological department of the Brest regional executive committee, visited a Palace of Aqua Sports, a memorial complex of the Brest fortress, learned about the work of the editing offices of the regional newspapers “Zaria” and “Vecherny Brest”. At the end of the visit there was a meeting with the employees of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Brest and its head Oleh Mysyk.

On 21-23 September, 2012 the third stage of the program “School of Modern Journalism” took place within the frames of which there were held such actions as an international   scientific practical conference “From Good Regional Neighborhood to International Partnership”, presentations on the topics “Volyn: Development and Investments”, “Transboundary Cooperation of the Volyn Region”, and “Possibilities of the “One Window for Investments””. There were visits to Shatsk district the purpose of which was to get to know about the development of its infrastructure. A concert of the popular amateurs stirred a great interest among the audience as well as the recognition of the laureates of the regional competition for the best reflection of the activity of the executive power bodies, reports and speeches of the invited guests and the participants of the Forum were beneficial for all the present.  It is necessary to point out that such VIPs as Head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Oleh Nalyvajko, a Consul General of Ukraine in Liublin Vladyslav Kanevsky, a Consul of the Republic of Poland in Lutsk Kshyshtof Savitski, Head of the Volyn Regional Administration Borys Klimchuk, representative of the National Council on Television and Radio broadcasting Stepan Rodych, Head of the regional organization of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Mykhailo Savchak, leaders or representatives of almost all the mass-media means in Volyn, TV and Newspaper people from Liublin and Brest regions took an active part in the work of the conference.

It is important to mention that during the realization of the Program a great support to the organizers was given by the leaders of the main mass-media means of Volyn, employees of the Consulate General of Poland in Lutsk (a Consul General of that time – Marek Martinek), the Consulate General of Ukraine in Liublin (a Consul General Vladyslav Kanevsky), the Consulate General of Ukraine to the Republic of Belorussia (a Consul General – Oleh Mysyk), Volyn Regional Administration (Head of the Administration – Borys Klimchuk, his deputy – Oleksandr Kuryliuk), Volyn Regional Council (Head of the Council – Volodymyr Vojtovych), Leasya Ukrainka Eastern European National University (rector – Dr. Ihor Kotsan), Shatsk district state administration (Head of the Administration – Volodymyr Najda) and other organizations.

The first success inspires to do new deeds. That is why “School of Journalism” must continue its development having become a free-university for the journalists that strive for the improvement of their professional skills in spite of the fact they belong to different editorial offices of the European countries. Moreover, the Program caused a great interest and a desire to cooperate among the journalist from Latvia, Germany and Azerbaijan.

Volodymyr Danyliuk, Head of the board of the NGO “Forum of the Ukrainian Journalists”, Honoured Journalist of UkraineSecretary of the Volyn Regional Organization of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

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