XV International Mini-Football Tournament


In Lithuania, the 15th International Mini-Football Tournament took place. 10 journalistic teams from all over the world competed for victory. The Volhynians, who represented Ukraine, won the 3rd place!

The tradition of international mini-football tournaments among journalists has been going on for almost 20 years. In 2004, when the chairman of the Sports Club of the Union of Journalists of Lithuania Tautvydas Vencevičius started large-scale futsal competitions, in Druskininkai in recent years, contacts of mass media workers in the sports arenas became more intense.

Every spring in Lutsk, Ukraine, the International Futsal Tournament “Borys Klymchuk Memorial Tournament” (in honor of the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine, Head of the Regional State Administration and the MP of the Regional Council Borys Klymchuk) took place annually. In March 2019, the teams from Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, and Belarus participated in it. It is organized by Volodymyr Danylyuk, the chairman of the board of the PU Forum of Ukrainian Journalists, the deputy chairman of the regional organization of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, together with Kostiantyn Lotsman, producer of the Volyn Branch of the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine, and with the support of the council.

But in autumn, a great number of fans came to Druskininkai, where Lithuanian organizer, Tautvydas Vencevičius, the chairman of the Sports Club of the National Union of Journalists of the Republic of Lithuania, hold even larger competitions.

So, on September 14, the 15th International Mini-Football Tournament took place on the field of the sports complex in Druskininkai. It was attended by journalists from Lithuania, Latvia, Armenia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, and Egypt. Since the chairman of the Lithuanian Union of Journalists, Dainius Radziavičius, together with the head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, Serhiy Tomilenko, attended an international meeting in Warsaw (Poland), the participants of the competition were greeted by the Deputy Chairman of the Lithuanian Journalists’ Union, Vitauskas Kvitkauskas, and Mayor of Druskininkai Vitauskas Malinauskas.

All teams played 9 matches. As a result, Moldova won the first place, Armenia – the second, and Ukraine – the third.

An interesting intercultural event, which took place after the awarding ceremony of the tournament’s winners, testified that the journalists will continue their cooperation not only in the field of sports but also in the information sphere.

Roman Ustymchuk.

 Photo by Vyacheslav BELOV: medals for cup winners; team captains during the grand opening of the tournament in Druskininkai; the Volhynians,  who represented Ukraine in the competition and won the 3rd place; Tautvydas Vencevičius and Vitauskas Malinauskas awarded winners and best players.


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