A group of students of the faculty of foreign philology of the Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European University has recently returned from an exciting trip to Germany.

During the two weeks, spent in the magnificent city of Vehta, we had an opportunity to feel like students of the German university, to make friends and to delve into the unforgettable fairytale of ancient towns.

Accompanied by enrolled students in Vechta, we attended workshops on Germanic studies and history, and had a chance to present our own abstracts and presentations on topics such as Volhynia, Volhynian History, Culture of Volhynia, Hetmanat and others.

In addition, we had a chance to communicate with refugee students from Syria and Iraq, who organised a thematic party for us, learned about the education system in Germany and attended a local school.

Trips to Bremen, Osnabrück, Tecklenburg and Bad Iburg were especially interesting. In Osnabrück, we found out a lot of interesting facts from the biography of the famous German writer Erich Maria Remarque and artist Felix Nussbaum and visited museums dedicated to them.

The excursion to Bremen was excellent also. In this ancient city there was a modern museum “Universum Science Center” where we were able to turn into real scholars.

At the end of our visit, everyone received a certificate of internship at the University of Vechta.

We are grateful to DAAD, who provided us with the scholarship, as well as DAAD lecturer Andre Böhm and lecturer Maria Lozitska for a wonderful and unforgettable time in Vechta.

Olexandra Gerezhun,

Student of the Faculty of Foreign Philology of the Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European University

Foto uk.wikipedia.org

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