The Conference and the project’s results

Chairs, the beamer, name plates – much stuff to prepare before the conference starts! There we would present the results of the whole project Changes in Perspectives in Media Education and Political Dialogue to the other groups, the organizers and the media.

The day before the groups had finished their work. On Thursday morning they were preparing for the conference that would take place in the National University “Odessa Law Academy”. Some people were a bit nervous because they had to present in front of many people. When the conference started there were also local media: two newspapers and two TV channels. After the conference the journalists interviewed some of the organizers to report about the project.

Also some of the participants of our project organized to film the conference.

Wolfgang Ressmann opened the event explaining the meaning of the project: to build networks between people in the participating countries who work in media and to give beginners and advanced people in media the chance to learn more in an intercultural context. He underlined that this intercultural working environment is a great chance for the participants to develop towards the goals of the project. He also explained the thematic setting. So, present problem of media losing trust, being confronted with fake news hate speech etc.

Also the responsible people from the other participating countries introduced themselves and explained why they find this project important and with which topics they are confronted in their home countries. In the project participated delegations from Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Germany.

After the introduction the groups presented their results. The audio-visual-group presented their video about restaurants in Odessa with owners who have migration background and talked about their filming and the difficulties. With this they wanted to explore the intercultural living environment of Odessa to see if it is possible to learn something from it.

The documentation group explained its function in the project: reporting what the other groups do, connecting the groups’ tasks with the project’s topics and its goals, presenting the city of Odessa and how it fits to our project as city with many ethnic minorities living in peace together. They also mentioned that as a diverse group with people who work with different kind of media they had a great chance of combining their experiences.

The most time of the conference took the part in which the participants of the debating group hold their presentations. The topics were hate speech, conflicts media coverage, fake news, propaganda and media owners in Ukraine. The presentations were prepared very well and included general theories about the topics as well as aspects concerning the participating countries. After every presentation there was time for questions and commentaries, so the participants could exchange their experiences and opinions.

At the end of the conference Wolfgang Ressmann hold a little speech to thank the participants. Then he gave every participant a participation certificate signed by him and Volodymyr Danluk. They are the representatives of OK-TV Ludwigshafen and Forum of Ukrainian Journalists. Also the participants thanked the organizers for this great chance of learning and intercultural exchange.

At the evening organizers and participants went to a restaurant next to the sea to eat together, to recapitulate the week, talk about the upcoming stations of the project in Kyiv and Yerevan and to say goodbye to each other. Or better: until the next time!

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