We started!

The project Changes of Perspectives in Media Education and Political Dialogue aims at deepening relationships between journalists and NGOs from Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia and German citizen media. The project also should contribute to an international learning process between these actors. The project is funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The first station of the project is Odessa, Ukraine and the delegations of the four countries are there from 24th to 31st of August. On the first day the responsible people presented aims and program of the project and the participants got to know each other. The participants could choose in which one of three groups they want to work: in the debating group, the audio-visual group or the documentation group. The groups do their work in the rooms of the National University “Odessa Law Academy”.

We are the documentation group and we will upload here on our blog texts and photos of the work of the groups, of the cultural events, the city and the political background of the discussed topics.


First meeting: introduction into the project The first meeting takes place in the Book Museum of the Law Acamedy Responsible persons introduce themselves Participants introduce themselves Greetings from the Law Academy Delegations give input about the political situations their countries Where we work: Academy of Law Developing ideas for the audiovisual group "We are working. Leave us alone!" The Debating Group discusses ideas for presentations Explaining ideas for presentations Getting to know each other Sharing concepts of the groups Different time layers in our neighborhood "The buses here are not like at home." Under Odessa "When do they bring us the food?" Finally at the hotel!

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