For honest journalism!

During the Regional Conference “Volyn journalism. Today’s challenges”, where mass media professionals and professors of institute of philology and journalism discussed the main issues of their profession, the Memorandum “For honest journalism!” was signed.

Statement from the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Press Office.

Online editorial directors Andrii Luchyk, Nataliia Pahaichuk, Yurii Rychuk, and broadcast journalist and lecturer Taras Litkovets, pressmen Sviatoslav Lysiuk, Volodymyr Danyliuk, Olha Kulish first signed the Memorandum of Volyn journalists “for honest journalism!”, the text of which was approved by conference participants.

Press Office of National Union of Journalists of Ukraine reported that the document was signed by 28 journalists. Signatures collection will continue further in editorial teams and office of regional organization of National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

“Media detector” publishes full text of the Memorandum:

 “Volyn journalists Memorandum “For honest journalism!””

Being aware of the high responsibility before society, the right of people to get accurate information, we, the undersigned Volyn TV and radio journalists, pressmen, magazines, news agencies and Internet publications journalists, freelancers, editorial directors and members of the professional media creative unions, declare:

  1. We are faithful to the objective reality that is why in creative activity we try to be objective, honest, correct, and responsible for our business.
  2. We value our own prestige and reputation, bear not only legal but also a moral responsibility for society for the veracity of reports and opinions fairness, spreading under our signatures, under pseudonym or anonymously, but with our knowledge or consent.
  3. We respect the professional rights of our colleagues, so we refuse from the tasks which humiliate journalists in the public perception. However, we reserve the right to enter a discussion.
  4. We spread only that information which is reliable and truthful. We avoid incomplete or inaccurate information, intentional misrepresentation, spreading false data about a person. In case of dissemination of false information, false facts, slander, regardless of the circumstances of this situation, commit to refute false information, correct mistakes and to apologize publicly.

  5. We resist illegal means of obtaining information, do not yield to provocation and do not provoke our opponents in terms of showing his/her reactions in public.
  6. In the discharge of professional duties, we do not use physical force. However, we reserve the right to defend themselves if there is a threat to our life or health.
  7. We do not use our official position for personal purposes. We perceive facts of obtaining bribe for spreading false information by our colleagues at any circumstances as a serious crime.

  8. We claim our right to refuse from the assignment to prepare and publish our own information if its contents after the editorial revision undergone significant changes related to the violation of journalistic standards and ethics.

    9. We condemn plagiarism, and we will criticise each fact of its appearance in Volyn mass media by disclosing names of information thieves”.


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