Launch of public broadcasting in Ukraine

Launch of public broadcasting in Ukraine: formation of the Supervisory Board and covering local elections in line with the standards of public broadcasting are high on agenda

15 September, an international conference “Launching of public broadcasting in Ukraine: Challenges and Next Steps” is held in Kyiv.

Ukraine is one of the last countries in Europe to launch public broadcasting, which is one of the most important obligations of Ukraine to the Council of Europe (CoE) and the European Union (EU), as it serves society, is funded by society, and is accountable to it.

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A Productive Visit to Germany

The urgent need for major changes in Ukraine is being spoken about almost everywhere; however, people all have totally differing opinions about it. That may well be the reason why no tangible results of a positive nature have been achieved since independence. However, how can a system be created that will enable the country to be free and self-sufficient, its regions to experience dignity and prosperity, and each individual to live the one life he or she has in such a way so as not to look back later with bitterness and pain because of years spent without goals or gains? The answer needs to be sought thousands of kilometers away from the Pechersk hills …

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